Chadi Ayoub

A graduate of the National School of Fine Arts in Beirut, my approach and my preoccupations as a plastic artist are mainly on recycled materials. In 1999, when I was a scenographer in a puppet theater troupe for children, I started exploring recycled newspaper, which allowed me to develop a technical process consisting in transforming the newspaper papers In paste form. From the newspaper collected, the process to which I adhere involves several steps to obtain a paste for modeling, this process allows me to realize sculptures of large sizes, robust and especially light

My plastic research is autobiographical. The notion of identity and intimacy with the people around us and those we have left are a starting point for my work. To model faces is to make  the fragments of the collective memory reappear with the daily forgotten use of newspaper that I retrieve in the metro stations. Starting from the multitude of life and events that constitute the world as it appears to us in the newspaper, from the crowd of individuals who press themselves into the lines of the big daily newspapers to tell the world about the world, I try to shape faces whose slightest features would remind me of life as I experience it. It is thus of the multitude of these "people of paper", of all these lives traced in black ink that my sculptures are born. The use of newsprint that I transform into pulp is an ecological alternative to the use of the raw material and meets the ethics of my practice: to recreate the world, to recycle the daily life and its multiple faces from this which already exists. It is not therefore a question of creating "new" faces, virgins of all previous life, but of representing and offering a second time to the world as I have been able to read it. Through this technique, I come to mix all these lives and stories,in which I recompose and intertwine the journalistic news to a face witnessing of all the others.

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